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101 Melt and Pour Soap Recipes and Techniques Book

Achy Day Soap, Allspice Soap, Aloe and Nettle Comfort Bar, Apple Spice Cake Soap, Butter Bar, Calamine Soothing Soap, Camphor and Clary Sage Soap, Citrus Peel Soap, Cold Cream Soap, Confetti Soap, Cookie Cutter Soaps, Deoderizing Kitchen Bar, Fisherman's Soap, Gardener's Soap, French Pink Clay Facial Soap, Hemp Soap, Herbal Soap, Honey Soap, Mosaic Soap, Musk and Vanilla Dream Soap, Jojoba Soap, Granola Soap, Peachy Almond Soap,  Rosemary Cream Soap, Seaweed Mineral Bar, Animal Soap Bar, Shaving Soaps, Sugar Plum Bar, Wheat Germ Soap to name a few!

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Over 80 of the best melt and pour soap recipes and techniques ever created. This is the most comprehensive melt and pour soap book on the market. From start to finish this 61 page manual shows you how to work with melt and pour soap bases with many clever ideas and the incorporation of soothing herbs and botanicals or ingredients from around the house! Melt your old face masks and cold creams to go in your new soap!  We also provide a full natural coloration chart so you can use spices and other handy natural elements to achieve color.  This book sells on the shelves for $19.95 but is offered here in ebook format for $9.95.  Types of soaps cover many functions of the home and in the Melt and Pour family include: Coffee Bean and Vanilla Deodorizing Soap for the kitchen, (shown below) as well as Peppermint Hand Sanitizing Soap, All Spice Soap, Gent's Canadian Balsam Fir/Basil Shaving Soap, Calamine Soap, French Pink Clay Facial Soap, Gardner's Soap, Achy Day Soap, Chunk Soaps, Hemp Soap, Headache Bars with Rosemary, the new Shampoo Bars, Herbal Soaps and so much more that you can make right at home! A sample of our new gem soap techniques can be seen on the right.  Make these right at home.  Click thumbnail on the left for a larger view of just some of the soaps you can make!  We also give you great packaging ideas. Written by Deborah R. Dolen for Mabel White DIY.

If you love to make soap and bath care items, you may want to also consider our new The Bathroom Chemist to learn how to make bath bombs, the new shampoo and lotion bars and more, along with The Self Apothecary our best selling book on how to make your own bath products. For the soap making lovers, consider making vegetable and botanical soaps the old fashioned way with The Natural Soap Maker and the new Melt and Pour Soaps.  Copyright www.mabelwhite.com.

Just one fabulous example of the original ideas in our Melt and Pour Soaps Book is the Farmhouse Kitchen Deodorizing Bar on the left.  Between the scent of vanilla and coffee grounds, the smell of onions and/or garlic on your hands do not stand a chance!  These bars are so beautiful it would appear you paid $10 each for them or more.  We sell the Farmhouse mold, as well as the supplies to make these bars in our supply room. There are so many recipes you can run with, when making your own melt and pour soap, it is truly amazing.  We are partial to the honey bee soap and calamine soap for kids with itchy skin.  


 ISBN 1-894872-04-5.

Table of Contents

About Melt and Pour Soaps, Using Artificial Colors Wisely,Using Natural Colors When Possible, Fragrance is Everything!, Natural Preservatives, Using Essential Oils, Essential Oil Caution: Making Your Own Extracts, Making Chunk Melt and Pour Soap, Soaps In-The-Round, Achy Day Soap, All Spice Soap, Aloe and Nettle Comfort Bar, Apple Spice Cake Soap, Bee Pollen Soap, Bug Off! ™Soap, Carrot Seed Oil Nurturing Soap, Café Espresso Mocha, Calamine Soap (Mabel's Signature Soap),Calendula & Goats Milk, Shaving Soap, Chamomile-Oat Baby Bars, Chamomile-Lavender Soother, Calendula Harmony, Camphor and Clary Sage Soap, Cinnamon Chocolate & Almond Soap, Citrus Peel Soap, Cold Cream Facial Soap (Mabel's Signature Soap),Confetti Soap,Cookie Cutter Soaps, Christmas Soap, Candy Cane Soap, Easter/Spring Cookie Cutter Soaps (Part 2), Cucumber Melon Cornmeal, Deodorizing Kitchen Bar (Mabel's Signature Soap), Earth Clay Complexion Soap, Farmhouse Antibacterial Soap, Fisherman's Soap (Mabel's Signature Soap,) Gardener's Soap, Gardener's Conditioning Hand Soap, Mabel's Signature Soap, Gentleman's Designer Soap, Herbal Body Smoother, Honey Oatmeal Scrub Soap, Jasmine Dreams, Jojoba Oil M&P Soap, Lemon Poppy Seed Soap, Mabel's Mint Leaf Soap, Mandarin Spice Soap, Milk and Honey Almond Oatmeal Soap (Mabel's Signature Soap), Musk & Vanilla Dream Soap, Orange Julius Glycerin Soap, Peachy Almond Soap, Peppermint Foot Scrubby, Pure Clean Raspberry Oatmeal Soothing Bar, Rosemary Cream, Rose Petal Soap Balls, Rustic Lavendar & Rose Soap, Shaving Soap, Almond or Bay Rum (Mabel's Signature Soap,)Sleepy Time Soap Bar, Strawberry Bar, Strawberry Cream Soap, Tropical, and Wheat-Germ Soap.

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