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Dinners & Pastas Stacked in Mason Jars!   


Make your own thoughtful homemade  gifts in a snap! Set of 25+ DINNER RECIPES you can artfully stack in Mason jars. This gift is as beautiful as the results are hearty.   These recipes are so easy, economical, and creative your friends will just adore your cleverness. The best part is you can say it was your ideal! Most recipes simply require adding water.  RECIPES INCLUDE: 

Red's Homemade Chili Mix in a Jar,  Homemade Dinner 'Helper', Pasta Soup Mix in a Jar, Au Gratin Potatoes Mix in a Jar, Pizza Potatoes Mix in a Jar, Caramel Popcorn Kit in a Jar and More!

You may want to give your friends more than one jar because this is a gift that is ALMOST more fun to display than use. SHIPPING IS FREE AND IMMEDIATE upon payment, as we have made this information available on-line and have taken the time to make sure it prints nicely so that you can place the recipes in a three ring binder.   These are well thought out recipes and took a full week to perfect.

Red's Homemade Chili Mix in a Jar  Martha's Soup Mix in a jar      Layered Soup Mix in a jar
Creole Seasoning Mix Homemade Dinner 'Helper'    Minestrone Soup Mix 
Complimentary Dried Bean Mix     Instant Stuffing Mix Pasta Soup Mix in a Jar  
National Bean Soup Mix     Gourmet Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Herbed Rice Mix
Au Gratin Potatoes Mix in a Jar Bean & Pasta Soup Mix  Basic Sauce Mix For Potatoes 
 Bean & Rice Soup Mix Pizza Potatoes Mix in a Jar    Cinnamon pancake mix jar in a Jar
 Potato Soup Mix     Turkey Noodle Soup Mix Turkey Noodle Soup Mix
Caramel Popcorn Kit in a Jar   Best Buttermilk Biscuit Mix Crockpot Carrot Cake  
 Curried Rice Mix Chili Mix in a jar



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