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Learn how to take every day flowers and arrange them the way the way a professional florist would!  

Click here for our Floral Design 2 Hour DVD Videos!


Create your own floral design using flowers from YOUR OWN garden or just learn how to enhance an arrangement you have been given!  Design flowers like the pro's  and save money!  These design techniques apply to silk flowers as well as fresh flowers. 

Mabel even discusses what flowers last longer for maximum value as well as every detail, made simple, that you need to have on hand and know to make all kinds of arrangements.




If you have your own garden, even better!  

In fact once you learn how to make your own arrangements, you may want to consider expanding your garden with flowers that bloom year round!  Your friends will want you to design theirs too!  Our favorite technique is to buy seasonal wreaths and select our garden colors for each season around the front door wreath!  People will be sure you have a designer on hand. We give you all the instructions you need to create these beautiful arrangements at home along with the most economical suppliers we can find on the web.

Beyond simple floral care and preparation, Floral Design is loaded with beautiful full color photographs of sample arrangements and instructions of what it takes to achieve breathtaking results!  Satisfaction is Guaranteed.  We prefer you buy the e-Book file because it is the only Mabel White book that comes out best that way.  Full of color photos and delivered right upon purchase via e-mail. 

Hard Copy $19.95 Plus Shipping. Complimentary e-Book comes up after payment is made.

Save on shipping and printer fees!  Soft Copy (e-Book) $14.95 delivered upon purchase by clicking "return to merchant" right after payment.


*This information is considered proprietary and  is copyright protected by the author and designer.  This information is not to be copied in whole or in part for re-sale to any other individual and is being offered for sale to  the buyer only for personal use.  Copyright 2002 Mabel White Com. 


Buy it all and get FREE SHIPPING!  Get complimentary e-Book immediately!

1 Hour TV/DVD Floral Design in Vases  $19.95

1 Hour TV/DVD Floral Design in Containers $19.95

Floral Design Book and Reference Manual $19.95


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!

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