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Beekeepers Digest

The Beekeepers Digest was written by Deborah Dolen in 2006 for beekeepers who wanted to know how to maximize their use of bee by-products.  Lip balm and hand crème are two of many examples. In compiling the book Deborah Dolen found bees extremely fascinating and immersed herself in everything to do with bees for several months.  Among other inspirations Deborah Dolen visited many bee keeping facilities and delivering myriad of beneficial lessons, recipes and formulas here in this digest.  

In respect to bee by-products Deborah Dolen found so much value in every bee by-product she professed she would “pick a beehive” if she had only one choice of food source on a desert island.  Pollen, for example, has so many vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients man could live on bee pollen alone – not bread.   Beeswax has sun screen properties and is an excellent protect ant for the lips and skin.  Beeswax is also one of the few natural emulsifiers [materials that can make oil and water mix] used since the start of time.  Basically with bee by products a person could make:  Lip Balm, Hand and Foot Crème’s, healing salves, nutritional foods, natural wax jelly,  cough and other healing syrups, home cleaning products such as waxes, and even treats such as Deborah Dolen’s favorite candy on earth Honey-O-Bit, the easy recipe included in the digest.

In addition to formulas and recipes there are many neat store is and folklore which is why it became titled a digest.


Bath and Body Formula’s Include:
All Purpose Beeswax Balm Base Makes 6 Ounces/170 ml
Natural Wax Jelly Makes 8 four ounce Jars/946 ml
Better than Vick’s Cold Chest Rub. 52
Like Burt—Bemis Bees Formulas. 53
Bemis’s Bees Almond Milk Thick Lip and Body Balm:  Makes 6 Ounces/177 ml 54
Banana and Beeswax Thick Lip and Body Balm   Makes 6 Ounces or 170 Grams. 54
Cocoa Bee Thick Lip and Body Balm   Makes 6 Ounces or 170 Grams. 55
Bee Venom Muscle Rub:  Like Tiger Balm.. 55
Antiseptic Bee Balm:    Makes 5  Ounces or 141 Grams. 56
BEE-Lieve Lotion Body Bar  Makes 8 Ounces or 226 Grams. 56
Cough Syrup, Basic United Kingdom:  Honey, Lemon and Glycerin. 57
Variations of Cough Honey and Glycerin Cough Syrup. 57
Gardeners Hand Crème   Makes 6 Ounces or 170 Grams. 57
Honey and Vanilla Hand Crème. 58
Itch Relief Salve ( Good for poison ivy, poison oak ) 58
Lavender & Eucalyptus Ointment 59
Lip Gloss. 59
Peppermint & Coconut Foot Crème 

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Food & Craft Recipes Include:
Wall Décor Rustic Mouding. 63
Beeswax Wood Finish (for bare wood) 64
Beeswax Wood Conditioner (for previously finished wood) 64
Gourmet Food Recipes. 65
Bee Pollen and Honey Carob Candy. 65
Bit of Honey/Almond Candy. 65
BBQ Honey Sauce:  The Best Ever by Mabel White. 66
Granola Basic Recipe & Variations. 66
High Energy Smoothie Recipe with Bee Pollen. 67
Honey Butter 67
Gourmet Honey Popcorn Balls. 68
Honey Roasted Nuts. 68
Honey Vanilla Syrup. 68
BBQ Honey Sauce:  The Best Ever by Mabel White. 66
Granola Basic Recipe & Variations. 66
High Energy Smoothie Recipe with Bee Pollen. 67
Honey Butter 67
Gourmet Honey Popcorn Balls. 68
Honey Roasted Nuts. 68
Honey Vanilla Syrup. 68
Making Hand Rolled Beeswax Candles. 69
Directions for Bees Wax Candles: 70

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     Previous Mabel White DIYformula books, written by Deborah Dolen include The Bathroom Chemist and The Self Apothecary, are recipe, technique and formula heavy, offering a broad creative range. They are also pretty much a prerequisite if you are new to making your own toiletries, where The London Apothecary formulatory is more advanced, having a newer and definite focus on perfected techniques of making the actual base balm, natural wax jelly, lotion, and truly hard bath bombs.  In part due to newer methods discovered during 2004 and 2005.  We know you will enjoy this book and it will be a basis of your library!  Have fun!  Click here to purchase hard book and here to purchase eBook version Click here to Buy

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How to Make Candles The Film by Deborah R. Dolen


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About Author Deborah Dolen return to home page

Deborah Dolen is the Editor in Chief for Mabel White DIY and author of over 25 DIY books, 1,000 articles and several TV "how to" Films.  Deborah Dolen is also an environmental writer and has her own content syndication.  Deborah Dolen was widowed when she was on her 30's and went on to raise three great daughters in FL up against many obstacles.  This is the time period she generated her most fascinating DIY books.

Deborah Dolen was born in a Catholic Infant Home on Niagara Falls, the U.S. side.  It was known as Our Lady of Victory.  Deborah grew up in the Adirondack mountains in Upstate New York although moved around a lot and always in transition.  Her teenage years were more stable and thoroughbred race horses were her passion. She skipped school a lot in the 70's to walk and groom the likes of Man o' War and Secretariat.  When she was not grooming horses in Saratoga she was hitting the ski slopes of Killington in Vermont, Pikes Peak, or Gore Mountain to name a few.  To this day K-2's are her favorite skis and Head are her favorite bindings.

In her 20's  Deborah Dolen built some 520 legal clinics for the poor from the ground up and ran for 17 years.  People simply needed affordable legal access and that still has not changed much.  Having grown up poor and discriminated against-even disallowed to play with certain toys...Deborah had never been a quiet type and bucked many regimes as an adult.  In the 80's she felt almost all legal fees were oppressive to the majority for no reason and feels they still are.  Her organization helped well over 100,000 people.  Many of those were able to teach other people in turn.  As with health care, Canada does not charge its citizens for most common family law issues and Deborah feels family issues, including financial ones, should not be a feeding frenzy in the states as it still certainly is. No one should profit of the demise of another person.

Fast forward a few decades and Deborah Dolen is very much into flying and canine rescue as well as DIY projects she writes about and films from her Florida home.  Although her passions have always been with horse racing she is very into auto racing, focus and performance in Daytona and Charlotte, NC.  Deborah presently writes about environmental topics beyond DIY subjects that will always fascinate her.  Her dog Ringo, adopted from Katrina, is usually by her side.

You can join Deborah Dolen her on twitter facebook or check out her home page for RSS syndication.    See demos of her work on YouTube here and Amazon here.  Mabel White