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The Self Apothecary The Book

Peppermint Antibacterial Hand Soap, Liquid Soaps, Tar Rabbit Soap, Mango Madness Bubble Bath, Soap Petals, Carrot Lotion Bar, Rose Diaper Ointment,  Honey Lip Creme, Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Baby Powder with Rose Petals, Lemon Salt Glow, Bath Oils Beads, Room Sprays, Body Spray, and Much More!

How To Make Your Own Lotions, Crèmes, Lip Balms, Shampoos, Conditioners & More

Now available in spiral bound or on Amazon Kindle!

The Self Apothecary written by Deborah R. Dolen  is packed full of formulas and recipes to make everything from “lotion in a blender” to customizing your own fragrances with a rare fragrance oil blending chart showing you how to make over 200 fragrances with 30 basic fragrances.  It took Deborah Dolen years to develop this chart because it is one of the things few people will share or discuss.  The Self Apothecary also includes a flavor oil blending chart.  (67 Pages.)  Learn neat things like the flavor of bubble gum is primarily wintergreen with a splash of  cinnamon, banana and orange or that the scent of baby powder is rose, vanilla and musk.  Updated in 2006 with metric as well as U.S. conversions.  Registered National Library of Canada, Ottawa, ISBN 0-9689837-82 Mabel White DIYpublisher.  Click here for Deborah Dolen's free publications at Mabel White DIY.

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*Please click here for our for our TV/DVD 1 Hour DVD Video that shows you first hand how to make tons of toiletry products.  The two books The Self Apothecary and The Bathroom Chemist compliment the TV/DVD Video series and empower you on many levels.  Make  a ton of product with a lot left over to share!

Save money and make your own high quality personal care toiletries!  It is easy, fast, and fun.  We use the microwave and hand stick blenders now to make our all natural products.  Gone are the days of clumsy double broilers and hand stirring.  We tell you everything you need to know on natural preservatives, using natural colors, how to make your own essential oil and extracts, tar soap, soap gems, bubble and lotion bars, lotion, balm, lip gloss, your own bath oil beads as shown here and so much more! Natural toiletries can be expensive to buy, yet are so easy to make at home with recipes that appeal to you.

This is a useful guide to creating your own health and beauty products. The Self Apothecary offers instructions on how to create over 100 products including hair products, shampoos, conditioners, facial masks and exfoliating creams, massage oils and lotions, bath salts, bubble bath, bath oils, natural dyes for all colors of hair, soaps, and much more! The Self Apothecary Guide also features how to make your own Tiger Balm, Blu Emu Lotion type recipes as well as other healing balms.

Are you tired of paying too much for for your health and beauty products? Are you allergic to the products used in store bought products? If so this "Self Apothecary Guide" is a MUST! Most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen! Our favorites in this book? Although we have over hundred recipes our all time favorite for creative gatherings include Ginger-Peach Lip Balm, Carrot Lotion Bars, Rose Diaper Ointment, Canadian Balsam Shaving Soap, Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap, Buttermilk Bath, Perfume Recipes and more! This book also tells you where you can obtain bulk supplies, package your products and print's out as an 8".11" and is 67 Pages of sheer fun!  For other innovative Mabel White books see The Bathroom Chemist updated 2006.

The newly revised Self Apothecary by Deborah Dolen is the state of the art latest mentor in making your own all natural body care products in the luxury of your own home. Using modern day technology we show you how to make just about everything in the bath and body care department au natural. You can make lotion and crème in a blender as well as bath salts in a snap. The Self Apothecary is also the first book to discuss the secrets of fragrance blending and is accompanied by a fragrance oil blending chart. This research alone took us 5 years to compile because few companies share fragrance oil blending secrets. In this book you will learn how to use 30 basic fragrance oils to make over 200 variations, for example ½ rose to ½ vanilla does make the scent of baby powder!  Publisher Mabel White DIY.

Using Natural Colors When Possible
Using Artificial Colors Wisely
Fragrance is Everything!
Making Your Own Essential Oils
Essential Oil Caution:
Making Your Own Extracts

Liquid Soap Family
Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap
Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap Recipe II
Rosemary and Mint Shampoo
Tar Rabbit Bubble Bath
Karma Sutra Bubble Bath (Ginger Milk)
Mango Madness Bubble Bath

Solid Soap Family
Picasso Soap
Tar Rabbit Soap: Cold Process Method
Shampoo Bars
Skin Cleansing Bars
Facial Conditioner Bars
Soap Balls
Soap Gems
Soap On a Rope
Soap Petals for Guestrooms

Conditioners and Lotion Family
Basic Hair Conditioner Formula
Basic Lotion Bar
Basic Lotion Bar II
Hemp Oil Lotion Bar III Hard and Waxy

Making Crème's and Lotions in a Blender
Basic Emulsoy™ Lotion
Basic Emulsoy™ Crème
Basic Crème Formula (Sweet Almond Oil Based)
Making Cleansing Crème
Precious Facial Oils
Luxurious Firming Treatment
Normal Skin (Day)
Normal Skin (NIGHT)
Dry Skin (DAY):
Dry Skin (NIGHT)
Bee Pollen Infused Lotion and Creme'
Bulgarian Lavender and Shea Burn Butter
Making Your Own Natural Wax Jelly
Making Your Own Edible Love Lotion
Making Your Own Breath Elixir
Mabel's Natural Insect Repellant

The Balm Family
Almond Oil/Honey Lip Balm
Rose Diaper Ointment
Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Cocoa Mint Lip Balm
Coconut Lip Gloss
Castor Vanilla Lip Balm
Cool Berry Lip Jelly
Flavor Oil Mixing Chart
Healing Balms and Salves
White Tiger Balm Formula
Herbal Healing Salve Formula:
Mango Lip Butter
Old Fashioned Rose Oil Lip Balm
Sweey Honey Lip Balm
Natural Deodorant Bar Recipe II
Blemish Stick
Solid Perfumes

The Powder & Salt Family
Baby & Body Powder
Tooth Paste
Buttermilk Bath
Chocolate Tub Truffles
Fizzling Milk Bath
How to Make Bath Bombs
Spiced Yin and Yang Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs
Bath Salts
Energizing Bath Salts Formula
Natural Lemon Salt/Sugar Exfoliate
Relaxing Bath Formula
Salt Glow
Other Considerations for Body Essentials
Bath Oil
Foaming Vanilla and Honey Formula
Fragrant Bath Oil

Potpourris & Dried Flowers
Bath Teas
Revitalizing Bath Tea
Women Designer Experiments
Men Designer Experiments

Perfume & Home Fragrance
Perfume Formula's
Body Splash Formula
Facial Tonic Ideas
Non-Alcoholic Body Splash
Wedding Type Perfume
The Good Housekeeper
Room and Linen Sprays
Immunity Bath Oil Blends
Morning Immunity Bath
Evening Immunity Bath
Immune Boosting Massage Oil

Gift Packaging Idea's

Flavor Oil Blending Chart
Fragrance Oil Blending Chart



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About Author Deborah Dolen return to home page

Deborah Dolen is the Editor in Chief for Mabel White DIY and author of over 25 DIY books, 1,000 articles and several TV "how to" Films.  Deborah Dolen is also an environmental writer and has her own content syndication.  Deborah Dolen was widowed when she was on her 30's and went on to raise three great daughters in FL up against many obstacles.  This is the time period she generated her most fascinating DIY books.

Deborah Dolen was born in a Catholic Infant Home on Niagara Falls, the U.S. side.  It was known as Our Lady of Victory.  Deborah grew up in the Adirondack mountains in Upstate New York although moved around a lot and always in transition.  Her teenage years were more stable and thoroughbred race horses were her passion. She skipped school a lot in the 70's to walk and groom the likes of Man o' War and Secretariat.  When she was not grooming horses in Saratoga she was hitting the ski slopes of Killington in Vermont, Pikes Peak, or Gore Mountain to name a few.  To this day K-2's are her favorite skis and Head are her favorite bindings.

In her 20's  Deborah Dolen built some 520 legal clinics for the poor from the ground up and ran for 17 years.  People simply needed affordable legal access and that still has not changed much.  Having grown up poor and discriminated against-even disallowed to play with certain toys...Deborah had never been a quiet type and bucked many regimes as an adult.  In the 80's she felt almost all legal fees were oppressive to the majority for no reason and feels they still are.  Her organization helped well over 100,000 people.  Many of those were able to teach other people in turn.  As with health care, Canada does not charge its citizens for most common family law issues and Deborah feels family issues, including financial ones, should not be a feeding frenzy in the states as it still certainly is. No one should profit of the demise of another person.

Fast forward a few decades and Deborah Dolen is very much into flying and canine rescue as well as DIY projects she writes about and films from her Florida home.  Although her passions have always been with horse racing she is very into auto racing, focus and performance in Daytona and Charlotte, NC.  Deborah presently writes about environmental topics beyond DIY subjects that will always fascinate her.  Her dog Ringo, adopted from Katrina, is usually by her side.

You can join Deborah Dolen her on twitter facebook or check out her home page for RSS syndication.    See demos of her work on YouTube here and Amazon here.  Mabel White