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The Kitchen Art's Collection is the best composite there is of stacked gifts in jars and many other novelty food assembles. This attractive 204 page spiral bound book includes Stacked Cookie Recipes, Stacked Dinners in Jars, Stacked Cake Mixes in Jars, Stacked Granola in Jars, Cakes Baked in Pint Jars,  and just so many more delightful ideas we guarantee you will love it!  Written by Deborah R. Dolen, Copyright Mabel White Dot Com, and published by CIPA Press this is Mabel's most famous and sought after book.  Click Here to Buy!

This great book also includes Mabel's Ten Best Spice and Dip Mix Recipes that are reported to sell excellent, and are highly appreciated gifts.  The spice and dip mixes include:  Chili Mix, Cajun Seasoning Mix, Ranch Dressing Mix, and Mild BBQ Seasoning mix to name a few.  Another favorite of the Kitchen Art's Collection is Mabel's Dry Drink Mixes such as Cider Mulling Spices, Chai Spices, and Hot Chocolate that are also reported to sell well at events and economical to make as popular gifts.  The Kitchen Art's Book is just full of neat and antique gift giving idea's!  Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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